Debating 3D: Cinema’s Real Killer is 3D?

The venerable Guardian newspaper in the UK recently ran a snarky piece by Stuart Heritage in its film blog: “Cinema’s Real Killer is 3D, not Video On Demand” which I thought would make a nice addition to our “Debating 3D” category.

Here’s a quote you might want to file away:

“This is something that’s been said a billion times elsewhere by everyone else – there’s nothing quite as soul-destroying as paying a little bit extra to spend two hours watching a shoddy 3D post-conversion job in a pair of uncomfortable glasses. Ditching the pretence that 3D is either a) the future of cinema or b) a good thing at all would also be a good start.”

To paraphrase from Monty Python and the Holy Grail,  “I’m not dead yet. I’m getting better!”