Debating 3D #2: Roger Ebert “I Hate 3D”

Vintage Roger Ebert from Newsweek back in 2010: Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)”

This is a particularly eloquent and thoughtful criticism of 3D from a famous lover of films. Film critic, historian, and beloved blogger Roger Ebert summarizes the shortcomings of 3D from his point of view: venal Hollywood studios squeezing extra money out of audiences, charging premium prices for sub-premium product, compromised light levels, not suited to adult storytelling, headaches/nausea, nefarious equipment vendors trying to make a buck, and more.

Ebert cares passionately about film and makes an excellent case for higher frame rates, as well as better quality storytelling.

Published in Newsweek magazine and The Daily Beast web site, May 9, 2010, this article is an important part of the ongoing debate.  Click here to read then entire piece.


Debating 3D #1: Roger Ebert says “Never”

“Why 3D doesn’t work and never will. Case closed.”

Film critic, historian, and intrepid blogger Roger Ebert drew a line in the sand in this blog post from January 23, 2011.