NEW: American Optometric Association Report on 3D

The American Optometric Association (AOA) report “3D in the Classroom: See Well, Learn Well” is now available online (in a slick, very flashy flash format) here.  As reported previously, the report takes an interesting trajectory asserting that not only is 3D not dangerous for children (or anyone with two eyes), but it can actually be beneficial in learning and early diagnosis of correctable vision problems.

It’s a fascinating and meticulous entry into the debate and an excellent primer on 3D history and technology. (It is also very clever marketing by an industry under siege).  Let’s see if this new report gets as much attention as the recent crop of alarmist reports and anecdotal complaining!

Note: The AOA is also hosting a web site along with the 3D@home industry consortium,, that’s worth keeping an eye on.


2 thoughts on “NEW: American Optometric Association Report on 3D

  1. I find that information like this, vital to the learning and health interests of children, gets little coverage compared with the hysterical sound bytes that so please the pop-art press.

    Two points of disagreement with your statements, however:
    First, I don’t think the industry is “under seige;” I think that is overstated. I believe it is merely experiencing the normal scrutiny and criticism that any emerging market undergoes, as critics, competitors, and creative thinkers conduct their necessary sense-making.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful and excellent comment, very well said about the context of the current discussion. I checked out your blog and appreciate your “myth-busting”!

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