10 New Rules for Saving 3D film

“Enough with the gimmickry, price gouging and 2D conversions” Fantastic piece from MacLeans.ca by Brian D. Johnson June 30, 2011.  Some highlights:

Abolish 3D ‘conversion.’ […] Movies shown in 3D should be designed and shot in 3D.”

Unless you’re shooting a porn movie, stop pimping out 3D as a special effect. Enough with the poking, jabbing and zooming. Look, we walk around in 3D all day long without noticing. Breaking the fourth wall with a gun or a spear takes us out of the movie.”

Cut the tempo of fast-action scenes in half. That third plane of motion complicates everything; it makes our eyes work harder, and more independently. Give them a break.”

Take a cue from Werner Herzog and make 3D a tool for documentary revelation.”

Make movies in 3D, not for 3D.”

“Get creative. 3D was miscast as a marketing gimmick wedded to the action blockbuster. Why not use it to open up the art house? […] There’s no telling where that third dimension might lead if it were married to emotional depth.”


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