I’m a recent convert to 3D stereography. Of course like most people I’ve had two eyes for a long time. I see in stereo, and I love what I see. I love nature. I love art—traditional painting, photography, sculpture, conceptual work, street art. And cinema. I love movies.

For several years I’ve been working in the technology side of digital cinema distribution for both files and live streams. I was fortunate to participate in pioneering successes in delivering live 3D events to cinemas around the world (with International Datacasting, Sensio and Cinedigm).

But I’ve been a secret cynic. I felt like this is something not meant for me, or my demographic (I’m not a teenaged boy). Recently that has changed. A number of things have opened my eyes and now I’m excited by the possibilities and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Let’s start here. A few months ago I saw a wonderful short on AMC celebrating the 10th anniversary of sound motion pictures with an awful sound track describing how great sound quality is. Can’t find that but this does a good job of showing a bumpy technology in its technical and aesthetic infancy:


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